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A ranking table is a set of criteria deciding the order of teams in the group play table. All categories can be assigned a ranking table, even if the category is set up to NOT show tables (often used for minor age categories). As default the criteria are fetch from the sports default criteria, set by the superior federation. But; Each tournament can have their own set of criteria, even not recommended.

Standard calculation

Every ranking table have some criteria set in priority order, as shown in image below.

Short explanation:

  • Name: Just the name of the criteria telling what to calculate.
  • Sort by most points: Most often set to "Yes". In rare conditions set to "No".
  • Locally: This means when team meet each other. In Team A and B is 100% equal within criteria 1,2 and 3 the winner of the match between these two team is deciding the position.

Calculation when number of teams are different in groups AND "best of.." is used

What if a category has three groups, where two groups have 5 teams and one group has 6 teams AND "Best out of.." is used? How to calculate who is for example "Best out of second best in all groups"? The teams in group with 6 teams will have bigger chance to collect points because they have one match more than the others.

Well: The teams in the group with most teams, will have the match against the last team in the table, ignored. This will ensure that all teams will be calculated with equal number of matches.

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