Color codes for matches

Color code matches

When you click on a match, the visualizer will change a bit so you can get an easier view of your schedule. But, as always, we need to understand the symbolic!

  1. Group play matches are dark blue so you can easy see the matches in the same group as the match you have doubleclicked on. When single click on a match, all matches in other categories will be less visible. 
  2. When a match is active (you have clicked on it), you will see the two teams in the match (red and white rectangle) and you can see where those teams are playing further on.
  3. All matches in the other categories will be unsharpend.
  4. The red rectangle around matches are those matches which are recently changed. Now it is easy for you to know what matches are moved.
  5. The yellow/brown rectangle are a symbol of matches in the same round as you have made active. Matches in the same round can always be played at the same time.
  6. The black area shows where you can movbe the active match without breaking any restrictions, field availibility and avoid to close matches.
  7. The light grey area is area showing that the field is not allowed for this match.
  8. The red area tell you one or both the teams in the match will have an collision.

Just double click outside a match (on the black background) to "uncolor" the visualizer.


Lines for "to near" and collisions

  1. If teams play nearer than the parameter "Number of matches break", the matches will get a green line in between. As you can see, both Sheffield and Wolves play with less than a match break. The break is set within the category from the "Basic data"-menu
  2. If teams has collision, the matches will get a red line in between. As you can see, Chrystal Place has a collision.


Color codes for field and restriction

  1. If a match is placed on a wrong field, it will get an orange symbol in the top right corner
  2. If a match has a restriction (here Sheffield can not play after 3 o'clok), it will get an orange symbol in the bottom right corner.


Matches differ from TXO and public web

Matches which are different and public web vs in TXO, will have the matchnumber in a green background


Turn visualizer settings on/off

  1. You can turn off the color code system for categories here.


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