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NOTE: A common mistake is to select only cup play for categories to play ordinary group and cup play. Do NOT do this mistake! Cup play are only for very few special situations.

  • As default, all categories play a group play and some also go to a playoff to decide winner and other positions.
  • It is possible to seed teams directly into a cup play, without first a group play. This is most often done in sports using a kind of ranking/seeding system, typical volleyball.
  • Result registration and so on are the same as default play (that is group play first)

How to do this?

  1. Show the column "Play type" by right click the column header some place and drag column "Play type" up as a new column.
    TIP: After this column is shown, click "Save layout" in top right corner of the grid. The TXO will remember to show this column when you enter this menu later for this tournament.
  2. Select "Only cup play" for the category(ies) which shall use only cup play as playoff. Remember to save the changes! All teams will now be placed into one group (Group A).
Seeding list

To ensure correct order of the teams, use the seeding list to set the seeding order.

  1. Enter tab "Team divided into groups" and then "Show seeding list"
  2. Select category
  3. Enter the order of seeding...
  4. ...and click "Save changes"
  5. Now, the teams are shown with their seeding number.
Cup-play setup

Enter menu "Final play". When this tree is made, the rest of the match setup is as usual.

  1. Select the category which you want to make the cup-play
  2. Now you can see the teams by their seeding order
  3. Enter button "New tree" to make the tree. More info about making new tree here.


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