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It is possible to set a match to be available for buy and sell (B%S). Further management of the buy and sell system is done inside FX. The list of buy and sell referees is updated from PL. Referees can apply to buy match inside both FX and APP.

If a match has invalid end time or vacant/soft deleted teams or missing venue, the match is NOT transferred for B&S.

Buy and sell from PL

  1. Select one or more matches by checking the checkbox
  2. Set active role by clicking inside the column. Note: A match can be set to B&S without any referee assigned.
  3. Select from menu "Set match to buy and sell in active role"
  4. After confirming this action, FX will be updated and the match will get a border with color pink (for now), and the cell will start with letter B (for Buy and sell)
  5. NOTE: The last referee name will show up in the cell, but in FX the referee is removed.

Referee apply for buying a match

When a referee is logged in, the list of matches for buy and sell is available as shown in image below. When a referee apply for a referee role in a match, this application is shown only in FX and can be accepted by referee admin in region or organisation.

Deactivating buy and sell in PL

In order to deactivate buy and sell, check on as shown in yellow rectangle.





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