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Roles during the tournament

You can have different roles during a tournament:

  • 1 Results registration (as a completely "ordinary" volunteer)
  • 2 Administrator (full access to everything)
  • 3 Referee (has access to result registration for all matches)
  • 4 Secretariat (check-in, playlists)

Find the role you will be playing during the tournament and read through it.

1 Results registration

Click here for help on registering results

2 Administrator

Your admin page,, gives access to all parts of the solution. Once you're logged in, you're ready! If you don't know the link, just google the tournament name. Profixio CUP is so widely used that Google already knows about us :-)

Here you will find absolutely ALL links, functions etc for the tournament! The administrator can change matches, register results, assign rights to other users... yes, as I said, absolutely everything! Click here to see an example.

3 Referee

Results registration

Like everyone else, a referee must also log in to the tournament's home page:

To register results, one can either

  • Have received a password from the tournament admin
  • Have received an access that gives the right to register results. This is; You must log in with a valid email address.

NOTES: If you have the right to register results at matches, you also have the right to live register matches.

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