Match numbering

Most important things to know

  1. As default, TXO uses system made match numbers. In this case, there are nothing to think about because TXO will ensure correct numbering (that is no matches will have the same number)
  2. With system made numbers, the number for the first match will very unlikely be number 1. It can be 345 or whatever. It is not possible to change this
  3. Using match number chronological, TXO will set the first match on field one to match number 1. And then numbering the matches chronological. This will result in a very nice numbering of matches.
  4. The disadvantage of chronological numbering, is when you delete or make new matches after you have printed match card or sent the schedule to a printing company. Then you will got hole in the match numbering system. Also see example down on this page.
  5. You can switch among these two system as you wish.

Windows explanation

  1. Enter menu "Make match number chronological" to set the chronological numbering. The first match on the first field will get match number 1. The match on the next field will be number 2 and so on. 
  2. Enter menu "Make match number system made" to let TXO number your matches. The numbering can start on whatever number. New matches will get higher numbers, so the match numbers are always getting higher when scheduling new matches.



Example of a problem using chronological match numbering

Let say you have 10 matches, starting from 1 and chronological to number 10. You print the matches and give the print to someone.

After a day, several teams are withdrawn and you choose reschedule the matches. You delete the matches, make new ones and then make new chronological match numbering.

Now, match number 1 is likely to have different teams, field and/or start time than match number 1 from your first schedule. 

It is not possble to see on the print you have shared that matches are wrong, because the print includes match number 1.

With system made numbers, this will never be an issue, because new matches get new uniqe (higher) numbers and those numbers will not exists in earlier prints.

Match numbering chronological in depth

  1. When you enter menu (1), a parameter is set so TXO will choose to use this numbering system further on. You can switch to system made numbers as yopu please.
  2. It is possible to set match number by manual. Be aware to NOT set two matches with equal numbers!







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