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When everything is technically in order, you can start showing off the self-running presentation of match setups.

The first time you open the link, the page will be empty of information. You must therefore go through what you want the screen display to show. You can find these settings by pressing the gear icon. Here you get a window with the various settings:

  1. Here you choose which language you want to be displayed on the screen. Selection is made in a drop-down list.
  2. Choices for automatic scrolling are made here. Tick ​​if you want to show group summary, latest results and/or upcoming matches. For group summaries, tables, played matches and upcoming matches are shown for the classes with tables. If you have chosen not to display tables in TX for a class, they will not be displayed here either.
  3. To adjust the length of how many seconds each view should show, drag the green circle. Below it is shown how many seconds you have selected. All the views will be shown after the selected interval and start again when it has gone through all the views.
  4. Here you choose which venues and categories you want to show. You choose which venues you want to show by ticking them. You can also remove them by checking them off. If you want to show all the venues, press "select all". If you press "reset", none of the venues will be shown.
  5. The same applies to categories.
  6. Do you want to enter your own message such as "Pizza on offer until 1pm!" you enter this in the line. It will display at the top of the page.
  7. If you want to send the link to several people, press the "copy and send by e-mail" button. Whoever receives the link must also go through settings for what should be displayed.
  8. When you are satisfied with the settings, press done and the screen display will start.


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