Make playoff cup schedule


A playoff cup schedule can only be made from this window. When a date is assigned to a match, the corresponding round is saved (in background) to this match. CUP can not be used for playoff cup matches, because CUP needs home and away team in each match.

Make initial schedule

  1. Each match must have a start date set by the user. Select row, and select a date in this calendar. Click button "Save".
  2. This date is shown in column "Start", but can be changed whenever you want.
  3. When all dates are set, enter this button to make the schedule.
  4. After matches are made, the match id is shown in column "Match"
  5. If matches are changed in the "Schedule" window, the actual match start will show up in this column.
    NOTE: The match end and venue is not set. This must be done by menu "Schedule".

Make final schedule

  1. Enter menu "Schedule" and select the playoff from drop-down "Select group" (as shown in image below).
  2. Then, select matches you want to assign correct time (multi-select is possible)
  3. Enter date and time for selected match(es). Remember to save!
Set selected/all matches to be valid (that is include match end time)

If matches are having correct start date/time, it is possible to set end time out from league play length.

Select matches (if you do not select any, all matches will be included) and click "Set selected match(es) to be scheduled".

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