When to make a new level or not?

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The big question here is when is it neccessary to make a new level (1), when is it okey to only check on "Has playoff" (2) in basic league level settings or make new groups (3)?

The answer by examples!

Example 1: You want to get teams to register from all the country to league "Champleague", but teams shall later be divided into "Champleague North" and Champleague South". Now you must make two new levels and then select teams into "..North" or "..South". http://sharing.profixio.com/uploads/2024-02-08_112951.png

Example 2: You want to make a ordinary playoff for an existing league. All teams in play shall be taken from the existing league. Now it is ok to only check on "Has playoff" for the league. http://sharing.profixio.com/uploads/2024-02-08_112402.png

Example 3: You want to divide teams into ordinary groups after register into a league. Now it is NOT neccessary to make new levels. Just add groups to level and select teams into the groups. http://sharing.profixio.com/uploads/2024-02-08_113237.png

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