Discount to club or team

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Most important things to know

  • Discount can only be set on registration fee, not services
  • You can give clubs or teams or both a discount for the whole registration fee or part of it.
  • The discount can be given in a date interval
  • You can give discount to clubs whenever they have a registered team or not. If they have teams registered, the teams will be given a credit note.
  • You can ONLY give discount to teams which are registered. It is important to give discount as soon as possible, before the team has payed the fee. Then you do not need to pay back money.

How to enter a discount?

  1. Enter menu "Economy" - "Club discount" (or "Team discount")
  2. Click on the "New" button to enter a new discount.
  3. To make it simple; Search the club name!
  4. Select the club...
  5. ....and check on eighter "Complete discount" or set an amount.
  6. Remember to save!


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