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Enter My Profixio -

Choose country, sport and then search for a license if you already have one.
  1. Enter the club name (or at least part of it)
  2. Select the license you wish to use. By choosing the same license year after year, you collect all your tournaments under this license. In terms of cost, it means nothing, as the license is free anyway.
  3. If you wish, you can create a new license. Then you must enter data such as the club's name, contact person and more.

The next step is to copy data from another tournament (if possible and desirable)

  • Here you can choose to copy a tournament from another tournament. The system will copy all data for you. Then you can delete, change or add data later if necessary.
  • We change all year numbers for you, so that category codes and year of birth are correct.
  • If you cannot, or do not want to, copy from another tournament, you will be presented with a form where you must enter the necessary data.

Then enter the overall tournament data here.

  1. The owner of the license cannot be changed. If this MUST be changed, contact Profixio support.
  2. The name should be precise. The year (4 digits) will be added by the system if you do not enter it yourself. You can call the tournament "Eat Move Sleep 2021 Molde". If you do not include the year itself, the name will be like this: "Eat Move Sleep Molde 2021".
  3. Tournament start is the first day matches start...
  4. ..and end is the last day. These dates are used, among other things, by TXO (The match setup solution).
  5. You can choose when registration opens. Before this date, it will not be possible to register for teams. The website for the tournament with articles, classes etc will be displayed.
    NB: If you are a tournament administrator, you can register a team regardless of the date!
  6. You cannot register for new teams after the deadline has expired. BUT: You can change the name of the team, contact person and things like that after the deadline has expired.
  7. There is a separate deadline that affects when you can add your players.
  8. The contact person's e-mail and possibly telephone number will appear in several places in the solution. Some people choose not to enter their phone number.

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