Visualizer filter

Most important things to know

  • Filter gives you much more control over your schedule because it is easier to get an overview
  • Filters are shared amongs all users in your tournament
  • Filters do not influence on the performance

How to prepare a new filter?

  1. First of all; Make the filter as you want with fields...
  2. ...and/or with dates. In this example we will make a filter so we only see Plan 1, Plan 2 and 1. july.


Saving filter

  1. Enter menu "Show visualizer filter"
  2. Click on the save button to save the active filter. 

Later; This filter will show up in the filter list for activating.


Activate a filter (see image above)

  1. Enter menu "Show visualizer filter"
  2. ...
  3. Click on the active filter in this list and the visualizer will preview the filter
  4. You can both edit the filter name and also sort the filters
  5. This is to reset filter and show all fields and intervals


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