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Superior seeding

Seeding of teams are most common in sports using a ranking system for players, typical Volleyball. Said that, seeding can also be used in sports without ranking, for example football. Then, seeding is done to positiong teams in accurate positions in accurate groups.

Seeding can be set on tournament level (that is all categories). See image below.

  1. Check on to use seeding in this tournament
  2. Check on if seeding of players are fetched from official seeding list.
  3. Check on if seeding number shall show up in front of team name in schedule (i.e. #2 AstonVilla)

Use of seeding in a category

Different categories can have different seeding methods. One category can use manuel seeding, while another can use seeding from official lists.

  1. Select category.
  2. If you want to use manual seeding, check on this box. Now you can enter your own seeding number i column "Seed".
  3. Just a summary of seeding.
  4. Column "Seed": Enter a seed number which override whatever number the official system has. NOTE: Now, "Use manual seeding" is turned on.
  5. Column "Pos in group":

Edit seeding list by manual

  1. Click on "Show seeding list"
  2. Select category
  3. Enter seeding number as shown. Remeber to click "Save changes" when finsihed!

Superior Playkeys

Playkeys are used to control who is going to meet who in the different rounds. Playkeys can also include referees. Using playkeys will override the default Sporting algortims in order to select teams for each match.

  • Seeding must be activated for play keys to have any effect!
  • Playkey must be selected for each category! Enter menu "Basics", tab "Teams divided into groups"
  • Only playkeys with a group name can be selected. Group name can be set in "Play key settings"
  • NOTE: If a group has number of teams OUTSIDE the interval the play key defines, the play key will NOT be used and ordinary group schedule will be used for the scheduling of matches
  • Activate play key
  1. Select type of playkey as shown in bubble 1
  2.  Play keys are fetched from a database and can bee seen in list, see bubble 2


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