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If you have copied the tournament from a previous tournament, you will see all categories in this list. If not, you must add the categories manually.

  1. Here is the list of all categories. If you are missing data here, for example a waiting list, you will find it later in an extended menu.
  2. Here you will find buttons for new, edit and delete
  3. Enter the button "New" to add a category.
  4. Start to enter data at the top. The system will then help you fill in certain fields, such as "Category code"
  5. "Category code" must be unique in this tournament. Use something short, typical M 2010 (Men born 2010)
  6. "Description" is just a description of the shorter category code, typical "Men born 2010"
  7. "Max num teams" is how many teams you want to register in this category. Teams exceeding this number will be put on hold.
  8. "Num players" is typical 11 for a default football match with 11 players on each team.
  9. Make this category inactive if you do not want it to show at the registration page.
  10. Enter a registration fee in your local currency.
  11. And remember to always:-)


You can of course choose whether you want to offer services. If you do, there is a lot of functionality that makes it easier to manage. You will find more functions later, in your extended amine menu.

  1. All servises are found in this list
  2. Edit or delete servises. NOTE: Later you can change all data from main menu.
  3. Enter button "New" to add a new service.
  4. Enter a description of this service, typical "A-card. Includes breakfast and hotel room".
  5. "Amount" is how many orders you can accept of this service for the whole tournament.
  6. "Comment" is used to explain this service in mor details.
  7. Mandatory means that the registrant MUST choose the service before the team is approved for registration.
  8. Split means to divide a service. Typical for this are T-shirts where you have to offer different sizes. Use a semicolon to make choices, such as XL;L;M;S

Economy (will be updated during Januar -23)

You can choose to use the built-in invoice system or not. And you can choose either/or for team fees and any services.

  1. We often get questions regarding direct payment by credit card. As of today, this is quite expensive and many organizers choose to use our invoice system instead. It is free.
  2. During mid-2021, we will offer an online payment which is currently the cheapest on the market. Then we think there will be many people who switch to this type of payment solution.
  3. Turn on "Invoice registration" if you want registrants to receive an invoice for team fees
  4. Switch on "Invoice services" if you want registrants to receive an invoice for their ordered services
  5. This is data that will appear on the invoice that is sent out. It is therefore data about you as the organiser.
  6. Non-required fields that you choose to enter yourself.
  7. OCR: See separate chapter on OCR here.

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