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Each league consists of one or more league levels. When to make several levels, is explained in this article. A playoff can be made as a new level or directly "included" in a level by checking on "Has playoff" or as a combination.

NOTE: See example of combination with "New level" and "Has playoff" here!

Make playoff level (if neccessary)

  1. Click on the button  to make a new league level. Enter "Name" and "Match length" (1). 
    Select "Included in public matches" and "Duplicate teams from register site" (2).
    Select "New level shall include playoff" (3).
  2. Activate the playoff level.
  3. When playoff for a league level is activated, this will show up in the list of "Groups".
  4. Enter detail data about the groups. You can of course add more groups. Click on the "New" button.
  5. This column show if the level is a playoff level.

Make groups for playoff group play

  1. Ensure you have chosen (activated) the correct playoff!
  2. Enter button "New" to add a group
  3. Enter name of the group. That is all!
  4. Remember to click "Save changes"!

Assign teams to group

All teams are copied from the registration site, but none teams are assigned to a group by default. Teams which shall participate in playoff group play, must be assigned to a group!

Enter tab "Teams registred in league".

  1. Select group from dropdown menu (remember to click "Save changes" when finished)
  2. Teams without groups are not included in further scheduling

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