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A match schedule can be ordered from both Profixio support and from other with necessary skills.

Price scheduling from us in Profixio: NOK 2500 / 100 match

  • Additions must be expected in the event of major changes after setup has been made, or in case of complicated criteria
  • NOTES: Information about teams (time limits etc) is retrieved from the annotation note of the team leader, not from the messaging system!

Below are the list which need to be fulfilled.

Answer this list and send to the given email address:

  1. Tournament dates included earliest start and latest stop. Include info if some facilities has time limits.
    Example: Fri 22.01 5PM-930PM, Sat 23.01 9AM-9PM. Facility "BigHall" can not be used Friday.
  2. All categories with match play length / match length included break to next match.
    Example: B10 18/20 minutes (each match each 20 minutes)
  3. All categories with number of matches each team in group play
    Example: G14 4 matches each. G16 all against all. B16 3 matches each.
  4. All categories with time limits. If you want a category to play just certain time in group play.
    Example: B10 Only Friday 6PM to 9PM
  5. Type of playoff (only categories with playoff), how many teams to playoff and eventually a description if special.
    Example: B16 8 teams. Included bronze-final. B18 12 teams, no BF.
  6. Venues for each category. Eventually with additional info.
    Example: G18, venue 1-4. G20 venue 1-6. Venue 6 can not be played on Friday
  7. Additional info. If clubs can not play certain time, teamA can not meet teamB... such stuff.

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