League time restrictions

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Playing time for each league is copied from data the organisation admin has set in menu "Access and settings" - Organisation setup" and tab as shown in image. This playing time is valid for one season, so each new seasons get new playing times. Each league can have its own time restrictions. 


What is the reason for league time restrictions (or "playing times")?

This is mainly to ensure that all teams in a league are playing matches in rounds during a set time period. Using Profixio PRO (algoritms to make a league playing order), it demands teams to play exactly one match in each round (except if there are odd number of teams).  Using Profixio CUP to position matches on time and venue, the round start and end time is used to initital restrict when a match can be played. NOTE: After a schedule is made, and matches are positioned, a match date can be set to whenever date before rescheduling a new scheme.

Set league time restrictions

If no changes are done, the whole week is used (but might be overruled by the weekdays priorities). You can restrict one week to not be used at all, or to be used only certain days. Typical when dates are restricted by holidays or whatever.

  1. Select one row (it is really a week).  Click off the checkbox if this week shall not be used. Typical is new years week.
  2. Select playing date in the calendar.
  3. Click on this button to set the week new start date
  4. Click on this button to set the week new last date
  5. Set priority days in this table.

Weekday restrictions/availability

When a round is set to go inside a time period, which weekdays should the matches be played on? Sometimes a league should be played in the weekends, typical top leagues, while other leagues should be played on wednesday or thursday. Well, just use the "Priority weekdays table".

  1. Priority number 1 is the weekdays the system first will search for availibility. And if not availible, the weekdays priority 2 are used and so on. Weekdays with priority number  > 99 will not be used (they are restrictions).
  2. Set preferable time each day
  3. Set availible time each day. Availible time will be used if no positions are avavilible in preferable times. Avalible time is the time limits used in visualizer.

Visualizer and weekdays time

  • Availible time start / end is shown in the visualizer


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