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In order to make a schedule using "Play order", each match round must be set correctly. Both number of rounds must be correct and rounds must be chronological. Otherwise, making a schedule will fail. Round time can be change after "Play order" is used.

League time restrictions superior

Each organisation can enter superior data for when to play each round. NOTE: This can be overruled for each league!

There are three types of superior data:

  1. Which week number shall be included. In example, often Christmas week is not playable so this week number are not included)
  2. Each week can be set to play only certain period. In example, in week 45 Monday and Tuesday can not be playable.
  3. Each day can be set to play during certain time intervals, In example, Mon-Fri only playable times from 17:00 to 21:00.

League time actual restrictions

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