Season setup


When starting a new season, some data must be made into PL database.

  • Referees competence list (Elit, level 4 etc)
  • Referees roles (Crew chief, Umphire 1 etc)
  • Make system to hide referees from public view
  • Importing all referees from organisation data
  • Venues must be set to have availible times

Load season leagues

A season is made in FX, with from and to data as important dates:

  1. PL is fetching data from FX and can be edited inside PL.
  2. NOTE: It is neccessary to click "Load season leagues" once for each season. This will update all competence data, assign referees to competence based on this season (comptences can vary from season to season) and import all leagues from FX-

Including parts of a season

Copy season, activate season, divisions and departments

To simplify, you can copy divisions and departments from one preceding season to a new one (typical the upcoming season). First, the new season must be entered into FX (by the menu "Seasons"). Then it can be chosen as the season to be copied to.

  1. Select the active season and select the season you want to copy from. Save this copy by click on the button as shown
  2. Activate divisions of a season by click on the button "Activate season and get divisions"
  3. Further on, you can select one division and activate departments and then see all registered teams.


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