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First of all, the team registration site must be made from the "Home" menu. More info here. When this site is made, team can register. A register site can be made for one league level, for example PU16. Teams can then only register in PU16.

NOTE: It is possible to include "Category levels", typical "PU16" - "North".

NOTE: The league responsible in Profixio League (PL) can make several league levels and upload these levels to the register site. In addition it is possible to change teams to participate in these new league levels, directly in PL. The register site, and the actual league levels for showing match schedule, can be total different.

Importing teams from register site to PL

When activating a league in PL, all teams are downloaded from APP and into PL. These are the most important stuff when activating a league:

  • All category data is downloaded from APP and update data in PL. If league level is missing in PL, this will be made.
  • If teams are deleted in APP, they will be deleted in PL
  • Registered teams in APP, which not exists in PL, will be made in PL with basic data. Later, the responsible can change league level or group for all teams, no mather registration data.

Using MASTER league level in PL

If the registration site do not have any levels to register in (as image shows), all teams will be saved into the main league.

The main league will be flagged as "Master".


Teams registred and fetched when activating a league

Every new team that is registred and not saved into PL yet, will show up in the Master league. All teams are by default set to be in the Group nr 1 (if they do not belong to another group).



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