Competitors - in depth

Criteria for registration

  1. A competitor is always registered by the web site (
  2. Only vacant competitors can be registered inside TXO.
  3. No data can be changed for a competitor in TXO.

Downloading competitors

  1. All competitors are downloaded from web site, also withdrawn and those on wait list

Competitor deleted on web

  1. A competitor deleted on web will be downloaded into TXO.
  2. This comp will be set as withdrawn and unassigned group and unassigned matches
  3. Matches will be changed to get a vacant instead, so the matches will NOT be deleted.
  4. The matches will continue to show in visualizer, but is marked with a vacant competitor.
  5. The matches will also continue to show on the web, but with a vacant competitor.

Competitor undeleted on web

  1. A competitor which is undeleted on web, will be downloaded into TXO, but will be unassigned.
  2. If vacant exists with matches, a suggestion is made to switch.

Competitor on wait list

  1. Competitors on wait list are downloaded to TXO. They are checked with "WithDrawn"
  2. When moved from wait list on web, "WithDrawn" will be removed and the competitor is shown as unassigned in the category.
  3. If vacant exists in a group, TXO suggest to switch this two competitors.
  4. If moved from sharp list on web to waitlist, and this competitor has matches, then all matches is replaced by a vacant

Competitor moved to another group when matches exists

  1. The competitors matches is replaced by a vacant so no matches is deleted
  2. This vacant is created in runtime

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