Register new teams to playoff


As default, teams which are registred into a league level can be copied to whatever new league level, typical playoff. Teams ID will be the same in the APP, but different i PL. The reason is beacause data structure in PL defines that a team can only participate in one league level. To make it possible for a team to also play in playoff in a league, the team must be copied so the team ID in PL is different.

Add registration site for a playoff

When regsitereing teams in this way, the team will NOT show up in another league levels!

  1. Activate the playoff level
  2. Enter button as shown
  3. Now, a new league level is shown at the registration site which makes it possible to register new teams into this specific league level.


Refreshing the teams in the playoff level

  1. After teams are registered in the playoff, just enter button as shown




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