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  • The match schedule can be published whenever you want
  • Only changed matches will be transferred as default
  • Results which might exists on the web will of course NOT be deleted
  • It can be smart to make an evaluation schedule so your colleague(s) can evaluate before publish to the public

Window explanation

  1. Enter tab "Transfer schedule to public web"
  2. We recommend to make error check before scheduling. Just click on the tab.
  3. Publish your schedule from here. Now all matches will appear on the public match schedule site.
  4. Check your category play time data. These will show up on the match card. For example category B12 play 1 periode at 15 minutes. NOTE: These values will not influence the match schedule itself! See image below "Play time match card".
  5. Send email and/or SMS to the team leaders after publishing. The email/sms has some predefined text, which you of course can change.
    More info here.
  6. (*) Click this button to make an evaluation schedule site. This site is hidden from ordinary visitors.
  7. Enter the email address to your collegue and let him/her get an email with a url to the evaluation site
  8. Just the link to see the evaluation site for yourself.
  9. (*)If you want to publish only the groups, and not the matches. NOTE: This will delete all matches before the groups are transferred
  10. (*)If you want to delete all data on the match schedule site. This erease ALL data including results, comments and of course the matches. NOTE: This has nothing to do with the registration site, onle the match schedule site.
  11. If something is out of sync betewwn the public match schedule and TCXO, just click on this button. Then all data will be checked against the TXO (and not only the changed data which is default).
  12. Here you can enter a note which is showing at the top of the public match schedule site.
  13. Hide or show public matches. You can hide matches depending on category or dates. Showing hidden matches are done witjin same window.
  14. A fly-out panel showing historical actions and some match statistics.

  (*): Buttons marked by a asterix will be disabled from the date the tournament start. This is because of safety reasons. You will almost never delete the whole tournament when it is started. NOTE: This can be changed from the settings site. See below "Changing the settings".

Play time match card
Changing the settings

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