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First of all, all facilities must be entered into your tournament admin site. It is possible to copy data from another tournament often last years tournament. A facility can have rooms or not. If rooms are entered, more detail accommodation can be made for the teams.

Enter facility

  1. Enter menu Check-in-settings
  2. Click on the plus(+) sign in top of the grid
  3. Enter name of the facility
  4. Decide what type of facility this is; That is has breakfast, dinner etc.
  5. If this facility do not offer breakfast and/or dinner, you can enter facility which teams staying here, shall use.
  6. If you want to restrict who can administrate this facility, enter login name and password.

Enter rooms

A facility can contain rooms. Or not.

  1. Select facility
  2. And then click on the plus(+) sign
  3. Enter data for this room. If you include "Max persons" the system will warn you if too many persons are assigned this room.

Assign teams to room

  1. Select room
  2. And then click on the plus(+) sign
  3. Select the team(s) you want to assign to this room

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