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  • The restriction page is opened from menu "Shortcuts" as shown. This page is always available no matter in what menu you are working.
  • Restrictions are VERY important in order to get a correct schedule.
  • Remember to read notes from the team leaders regarding whishes of restrictions.
  • You must not restrict so much that a schedule is impossible to make!
  • Restrictions are additive. That is restricting for a club is adding to restrictions for a category.

Add new restriction

  1. Enter menu "Shortcut" - "Add restriction"
  2. Select type of restriction. For example; Select "Categories" to restrict all teams in a category to play on Sunday.
  3. Select the object you want to restrict by click and set the check box active. Here a team shall be restricted.
  4. Select the date you want to restrict. You can select several dates if for example you want to restrict a team to not play before 10AM any day because of travelling distance.
  5. Select the time periode to restrict. In this example the selected team can not play on July 1. before 3PM.
  6. Save restriction when finished.

Delete a restriction

  1. Click as shown in (1) on the object you want to change restriction to
  2. Click "Delete selected restriction"
  3. All restrictions for this objects are show. Delete restriction which is wrong.
  4. Remember to save your changes when finished!

TIP: You can delete all restrictions in the active type (club, competitor, category, etc) by clicking the button "Delete all restrictions".

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