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Importing play keys can be done from menu "Settings" - "Import from Excel".

Play keys are only shown for the organisation which they are imported into. So SBBF is not seeing play keys from SVBF.

  • Excel file must be according to layout regarding to column order (you must use columns in order as layout!).
  • The name of the columns are not important, only the order, except column with match number! See below.
  • In addition, the name of the play key is the name you set on the sheet.
  • If play key all ready exists, the play key detail is replaced by import.
  • NOTE: You can only have one play key for each Excel-file!

Layout types

For now, 4 different kind of layouts can be used.

NOTE: Using 3 or 4, the column with match number must start with "Match" (as seen here, name "Match nr" is ok).


The play key name is fetched from the sheet name.

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