Playoff tree - symbolic

Main symbolic

  1. Dropdown (or use buttons below) to select a category
  2. Toogle button to switch between default tree view which you can edit, or a tree just for get6ting an overview
  3. Use save-button when you are done with your changes. Otherwise, data can be lost!
  4. This is the undo button.
  5. To make a new playoff, click on this button and follow further assitanse.
  6. Several tree actions such as delete playoff and make positioning matches.
  7. Each match is shown as a box. NOTE: This is not really a match before you make the schedule for this playoff! The red lines tells you that loser of this match are playing intheir own 5-8 playoff.
  8. Area for participants in this playoff. Data is fetched from menu "Basics" - "Teams divided into groups"
  9. If too many groups, you can reduce or increase number of groups shown in this area



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