Positioning all teams

Most important things to know

  • Playoff can be made so all teams are given a position. 
  • Only categories with 2, 4, 8, 12 ,16, 20 or 32 players can be automatic postitioned.
  • When matches are played, all teams will be shown in a result standing list at the public web match site.
  • When playoff tree is made, the matches must be made as usual from menu "Schedule"

Make initial tree

  1. First of all, make a standard playoff by using default method of making a tree.
    Just enter "New tree", select category, playlevel and enter number of teams (in this example 20)


Make position matches tree

  1. When the defalt tree is made, enter menu "Make positioning matches". All positiong matchess will now be made.



  1. When making a big tree, the boxes will be difficult to read. That is why we use some symbolic in the tree.
    The red lines tells us where the loser of matches are to be played. Here; "5-8" is telling us that losers of the 1/4-finals are playing for postions 5 to 8.
  2. In order to se the positioning trees, just click on this buttons.



Make the match schedule

  1. Enter menu "Make matches",
  2. Select the group(s) and/or the playoff(s) you want to schedule.
  3. Enter button "Select for scheduling" and you are about to make the matches.






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