Time restrictions for rounds to play

Define time restrictions

Menu: "Default time restrictions for active season"

Each season gets a default week calendar defining when rounds can be played. This is made by the system, taking the start and stop for the season periode.  This week calendar should be made correct for the organisation / season. Each league will get a copy of this calendar, and each league can adjust its own calendar.

  1. Reset existing calender with system made default calendar. Only used if your calendar has been complete screwed.
  2. Here: Week 40 is checked as "Included". This means the week can have matches scheduled. If you uncheck "Included", the week is not allowed to have matches. Typical are weeks within summer  work breaks. As default, the whole week can be used BUT depending on week days set in calendar shown as bubble 3! More on this in paragraph number 3. 
    Each week can be restricted to certain dates. These dates must be set in the columns "Round earliest start" and "Round latest end". Use the calendar to the right to easy select dates and then the buttons below the calendar to save (see the arrows).
  3. This is the day calandar. This is very important because it defines the possible playing dates of the week. Set "Priority" = 1 for the best days to play. Set "Priority" = 2, 3 and so on for the next best days to play. If several days have the same priority, those will be treated as equal.
    NOTE: Priority from 100 and more are NOT included in the match schedule (that is, they will NOT be used!). That is way those rows are having a strikeover.
    NOTE: At least ONE day must have priority below 100, otherwise the schedule will not be possible.
    The match schedule algorithm will allways try to use days with highest priority!
  4. This grid shows all leagues for the active season. You can change name and more here.
    NOTE: Match length should be set!



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