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The tab "Preparing schedule" shows matches in one out of two ways:

  • Matches can be shown by the active league (eventually divided into groups or just one group selected)
  • Matches can be shown across leagues by using match filter

Using match filter

NOTE: At least one selection in bubble (1) and/or (2) must be set in order to use match filter!

  1. Click to show popup "Match filter"
  2. Select matches from regions, leagues and/or venues. Only matches from active season are shown.
  3. If you want, enter first and/or last day of matches.
  4. All selected items are shown in this boxes
  5. If you want to reuse filter, enter name of filter here.
  6. If you want to use additive selection, that is all selections must be included, check on this box.
  7. Click button to activate filter.


  1. Menu "Basic data" and "Play order" is both disabled.
  2. Menu "Visualizer" are shown with an empty dataset.

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