Match date and time


A match can be changed whenever wanted. When a match date/time is changed, it is only in PL this change is saved. I  order to make the change in APP, the schedule must be published.

The round and venue of the match(es) is not changed.

Changing date/time

  1. Select one or more match(es).
  2. Click on new date..
  3. ..and enter new time.
  4. Check on if all matches in active round shall be changed.
  5. Save the changes.

Criteria if date/time on a match is to be changed

There are some criteria which must be fulfilled, in order to make a match valid (that is end time is also set and thereby can be published):

  • None of the match team can be a vacant or deleted (that is missing)
  • Match end must be after match start
  • Match venue must be a valid venue (if organisation is using officials venues)
How to overrule this criteria?
  1. Check on the checkbox "Overrule" for the actual match(es) and click "Save changes"
  2. Click on the start or end column for the match you want to change.
  3. Now, the match date and time are filled in the calendar to the right, and you can change date and/or time.
    Check on the "Replace all in round" if you want all the matches in active round to be changed.
  4. Click the save button to finish this.

Changing round

When a match is moved, the round can be changed by manual.



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