Ranking table criteria (calculating positions in group)

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When making a league in Profixio FX, it is possible to choose type of ranking table to be used. Ranking table have criterias which ensure correct postions for teams in a league during group play. Type of table can be changes in Profixio TXO and in Profixio APP.

Profixio TXO - Table type

In TXO, it is possible to both see and change ranking table type. Enter menu "Basic" and tab "League settings". To change table type, just select another and click "Save changes".

  1. Leagues without matches and shall not be published, do not need to have any table type.

Profixio APP - Table type

In APP, criterias for ranking table is shown by click on "Table explanation". Criterias will be listet i priority order.

Changing table type in APP

For now, it is possible to change table type IF you know the correct id of the table type. Documentation is found here.

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