Playoff - make new

Most important things to know

  • Playoff must be made individually for all categories.
  • In this window you only make the tree and no matches. Matches for the trees are made in the same place as you made matches for the groups (that is by meny "Schedule").
  • You can delete tree from the same popup as you make tree. See red text at the bottom in the popup "Make new playoff".
  • All teams are by automatic moved into correct positions when results are entered for group play.

Starting a new playoff (new tree)

Enter button "New tree" to show the popup.

  1. Select the category you shall make a playoff in. It best to handle one and one category.
  2. Select type of play (A, B or what ever). Start building from A play and continue later with B and so on if actual.
  3. Select how many teams. If you shall start at 1/4-finals you must have 8 teams. The system will even make correct tree if you for example start at 1/4-finals and only want 6 teams.
  4. Select if you want to include bronze-final
  5. And at the end make this tree. Close the popup to see the tree.

After the tree is made, you can edit as you wish. 


Playoff - edit

  1. To make a new match, drag the box "Add new" to your wanted position
  2. To switch two teams positions just drag and drop
  3. To delete a match, right click and delete

Main symbolic

  1. Dropdown or buttons to activate a category
  2. It is important to save your changes! Here you will also find a reload button which will get your last saved playoff tree.
  3. Button to make a new tree (and also delete tree)
  4. This letter is showing which playoff level you have active. You can have up to 5 level of playoff.
  5. This little red square is showing if the loser of this match are playing some positionig match at the end.
  6. This is the group area, where you see your groups and the teams. If using "Best of" this is shown by the symbol "v" in the left margin.
  7. Buttons to make this area bigger or smaller in height.


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