Assigning referee to match by referee assigner

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Assigning referee to a match

  1. Select one or several match(es) in the match list. NOTE: You shall njot select matches which are running in the same time periode...a refere can not referee two matches at the same time!
  2. Select role for this referee; That is type of role the referee shall have in selected match(es).
  3. Select one referee. Striked-over referees are not availible and shall be avoided! It is possible to select a referee which is unavailible for personal reasons, but not if the referee allready is assigned to a match.
  4. Save this referee.
    TIP: Click on the referee nam to fast assign referee to selected match!

Note: The referee assigments are only done in PL internal database. The assignments must be nominated before the referees can see the missions in their calendar!



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Assigning referee to match

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