Playoff - Scenarios

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Group play and then a playoff

Make a playoff level

First of all, a new level must be made.

This level shall have settings as shown in image below:

Secondly: Groups must be made. See bubble 2.

Teams are copied from register site, but will got new internal id's. This makes it possible for the system to reuse teams in the playoff.

Select teams which shal participate in the groups.

Make a filter in column "Level" (1) and select group to teams(2). Remember to save when done!

Schedule matches for the groups

Use "Prepare schedule" to make matches for groups as usual.

Make the playoff

  1. Select as shown
  2. Delete matches which shall not be included.

Enter data for the matches

  1. Change match name if necessary
  2. Select the match and enter home and away "team"

Enter loser from existing match

  1. Select to show "input box for preceding match"
  2. Enter match id as "From match" and if loser, enter "2"

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