Prepare before publish

Before publishing, check some important data

  1. Teams that are playing.
  2. Venue for the matches.
  3. Date and start time. If end time is missing, the match will show as red.
  4. Red matches do have some data which you must be aware of.
    Red matches will NOT will be published as default (but can be override, see further down).
  5. Choices to made before publishing.
  6. Buttons for publishing.
  7. Deleting a published schedule. Only matches in APP will be deleted (and NOT in PL)
    If league level got several groups, only active group will be deleted.
    NOTE: It is possible to show all groups; Then matches in all groups will be deleted in APP

Override matches to be published anyway

You got some possibilities to publish matches which as default can not be published:

Match change functions

This article explains how to edit matches.

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Publish multiple league levels