Assigning referee to match


Referees can be assigned only to published matches. When a referee is assigned i PL, it is only saved in PL internal database. This assigment will not show up anywhere else in the Profixio system. The assignments must be nominated before the "missions" are shown in the calendar of each referee. From this calandar, the referee can accept or deny this mission.

NOTE Referees can be assigned to matches which are not valid IF match is a playoff match!

  1. First of all, matches must be fetched from a selection of venues, leagues and or regions.
  2. Secondly, match(es) must be selected from this match list.
  3. Refree must be selected form this referee list.
    TIP: Click on the referee name to fast assign referee to selected match!


When a referee is saved to a match (and with role), a warning will appear if there is something to warn about. Look for column "Warning". In example, if a referee is busy, the name of the referee will show with a light red background.

Referee busy or unavailable

A referee can include unavailable periods inside the personal calendar. Unavailable periods will show up in the referee list with a check-mark in column "Unavailable". Referees can not be assigned to matches if the referee calendar is set as unavailable for the match time. The match is including match pre-start and post-end.

A referee is set as busy if the referee has a match during same period as a match is running. A referee can not be assigned if the referee is busy. The match is including match pre-start and post-end.

Assigning referees in top level leagues

When a match is a match in a top level league, no warning will be made if the selected referee is all ready taken by a match in a lower level league. If a referee is nominated to a top level match, it is the referee responsible to remove himself from matches in lower leagues which duplicates.

Setting a league to be a top level league


Assigning referee to a match

  1. Select one or several match(es) in the match list. NOTE: You shall njot select matches which are running in the same time periode...a refere can not referee two matches at the same time!
  2. Select role for this referee; That is type of role the referee shall have in selected match(es).
  3. Select one referee. Striked-over referees are not availible and shall be avoided! It is possible to select a referee which is unavailible for personal reasons, but not if the referee allready is assigned to a match.
  4. Save this referee.
    TIP: Click on the referee nam to fast assign referee to selected match!

Note: The referee assigments are only done in PL internal database. The assignments must be nominated before the referees can see the missions in their calendar!



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