Result registration - This is what you shall do!

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Find the tournament first

  1. First you have to find the tournament. Feel free to look it up as bubbles 1 and 2 show.
  2. Then click on the correct tournament. Then the menu in the left margin will change slightly.
    Start here to apply:

Log in with the password you received from the tournament administrator

  1. Click on "Register result" and enter your password...
  2. ...and your first name (this is only to see who has registered the individual results).
  3. Then log in by clicking this button here.

How to register results

  1. Choose a view that suits you best from the buttons at the top.
  2. Depending on the view selected in bubble 1, you may have to click further forward, here shown "Classes"
  3. Click on "Change match" to activate the results window.
  4. Enter result. Winner will be automatically selected for the correct team.
  5. NOTES: If a playoff match ends in a tie, then you MUST put who is the "Winner" (often it is after a coin toss or similar).
  6. Remember to save!

You should definitely know about this!

When results are recorded on the web, tables and any teams in playoff matches will be updated immediately. Be aware of the following possibilities when recording results:

  • You can choose the winner of a match manually (often used if a team is to be punished)
  • You can change the team playing in a match (often used if a team does not play and you want to insert another team)
  • You can draw lots if two teams are tied in the table and thereby decide who will go through to the play-offs
  • You can change referees in a match
  • You can enter a match comment if, for example, a match is postponed
  • You can file a protest

Lottery (only if the class has playoffs)

If two teams are exactly the same in the table, TXO will not know which team will enter the play-offs. Then you have two choices:

  • You can manually select the teams in the first playoff match - see "Change match" in the image directly above
  • You can make a raffle

The lottery takes place simply by making a lottery via coin toss, and then you choose the team that won the coin toss. You can enter any match in the class where a draw has been made.

  1. Choose to show all match data
  2. Click on "Raffle"
  3. Select the team that won the lottery. That's it. The table will now be recalculated and teams will be entered into the play-offs.

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