Adding playoff without decided teams

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A playoff can contain "teams" which are not calculated from group play or not exists in the league. Home and away team can be set to whatever name you like. For instance, home "team" can be named "To be decided in week 12" or "Team not decided" or whatever name. NOTE: If a team name is set in this manner, the "team" will NOT be moved to next playoff level (ex from 1/8 and into 1/4-final) by the system. Teams which shall play in next level, must also be decided by manual selection.

Make a new level or not?

Click here to read an article about this question.

If not neccessary to make a new level, just check on "Has playoff"

If a new level is made - Select teams which shall participate

NOTE: If you have used "Has playoff", you shall NOT select teams! Continue to next chapter.

Later, when matches are published into APP, the teams that shall play in different levels, must be chosen by manual. The teams which shall be possible to choose among, must be selected as shown in tab "Teams registered in league". Only these selected teams can be selected into matches in APP, when you are ready to publish name of the teams.

Make tree

Make the playoff tree in the usual manner. Just select as the arrow shows.

Enter custom team name

  1. Playoff matches which shall have custom "team" names, must be selected.
  2. Then, enter the "home/away team" name, and click the...
  3. button. The name of the "teams" will show up in the table.

Custom team name are showing with a * in front of name:

Enter playing dates

In order to get a better view of the matches in APP, it is best to enter match dates in a chronological way. The date for the matches can of course be changed whenever you want. Follow the bubbles.

Make schedule

In order to make matches out of these playoff matches, a schedule must be made.

  1. Clicking on this button, all matches are made and can be seen in the menu "Schedule".

Publish schedule (from menu "Schedule")

The publishing is done the usual way. Just follow the bubbles.


In APP, public view of matches, all playoff matches are shown with the amount of data which is decided by the user.

  1. Matches are shown with the custom "team" name
  2. If no name is set, the home and away team is not shown with any text.
  3. Ordinary linked playoff matches are shown with data from where the teams are calculated.

Change team to play

Teams can be changed in playoff i two ways:

  • In APP, from the same popup window as results are registered. Follow the bubbles.
  • In PL, follow the arrows. Remember to publish the schedule when assigned team(s)!



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