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Each main referee can have its partner. A referee partner will always be assign as level 2 referee. Technical level 1 referee is often defined as "main referee" and level 2 referee = "Assistant referee".

NOTE: A referee partner will replace a "Level 2" referee if this is assigned.

Activate "Use referee partner"

Enter menu "Referee".

  1. Click on "Actions" and check on "Use referee partner"
  2. A new button will show up in top of the table "Referee as person"

Assign partner to a referee

Note: This step only assign referee partner to a referee BUT matches are not updated with referee partners!

  1. Click on the referee which you want assign a partner to
  2. Select the partner referee in column "Partner!
  3. Click the "Save changes" button.
What if referee partner is not shown in the dropdown (bubble 2 above)?

Then you must enter the referee by manual first. Click on the button "New" in top left of the table and enter the referee as usual.

Update matches with referee partner

When you have finished to assign referee partners, it is time to update matches.

NOTE: After you have done this step, referees must be published as usual!

  1. Just click button "Save Partner"

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