Assign referees

Superior. (Video, but only Norwegian for now) Referees can make their own registration on tournament registration site. They will be downloaded into TXO when you activate the tournament and by manual…


Referee - assign teams

If teams shall referee, select tab "Referee from teams". Check on "Show referees as teams". If you want to filter out all teams in selected match group, check on this box. "Show restrictions" selecte…


Referee restrictions

Restriction types. You can restrict a referee from certain dates. Even if you do so, you can position a referee on a restricted date but you will get a visual symbol in the graphic window. Click on t…


Assign referee partner

Superior. Each main referee can have its partner. A referee partner will always be assign as level 2 referee. Technical level 1 referee is often defined as "main referee" and level 2 referee = "Assis…

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Symbolic referee schedule

Most important stuff. The visualizer area gives you a lot of visual help assigning referees. If a match is moved after you have assigned a referee, you will be noticed. Referees can be restricted to…


Importing referees

Importer dommere fra påmelding-siden. MERK: Dommere lastes inn direkte når du aktiverer en turnering. Så det er bare nødvendig å laste inn manuelt dersom dommere har registrert seg mens du jobber med…