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Table criterias are used when tables are calculated after a result is saved. Most often, you will use your federation default criterias which also are default in TXO. In this case you do not need to change anything. But if you have other criterias, you must define them in the grid shown in image below.

Change criterias and/or view

Enter menu "Basics" - "Categories" - "Ranking criteria"

First of all, click on the category row which contains the table criterias you want to change.

  1. In column "Table type" you can select among existing table criteria setup. That is the order of criterias which ranking tables are calculated from.
  2. In column "Table view" you can see which view setup is used. The view can be change in the grid as the red arrow indicates
  3. If nesessary, reset the table criterias to federation default criterias
  4. If nesessary, reset the table view to federation default view
  5. This is a only a view showing number of points the winner gets and so on.
  6. Enter the "New" button to add a new row for table criterias or table view


Explanation; What is "table criterias" and what is "table view"?

  1. Table criterias is the order of criterias which position teams in a ranking table
  2. Table view is how the table is presented to the public



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