Make playoff tree


A playoff tree can only be made from a playoff league. Often, the playoff league got matches, and out from results of these matches, a playoff tree is made.


Make a playoff tree

  1. Select a playoff league. If tree allready exists, it will show up in the grid.
  2. Select playlevel and check on bronze final if you want.
  3. Enter number of teams you want in the tree. This will decide the size of the tree.
  4. Enter button to make this tree. 
  5. This grid will show all matches in the tree (but these matches are not "real" matches yet. They will not show up in the match schedule window.

Assign team to matches

  1. Select row in grid
  2. Select the home team to play or...
  3. ..the positioning home team in group (after the group is played)
  4. Do the same for the away team

Duplicate team in a playoff?

It is not possible to save a team twice in a playoff tree. As the example below shows, AIK Basket allready exists in this tree, and con not be saved in another match. In this case, AIK Basket must be deleted as the home team in match before assigned to selected match.


Match date and match schedule

  1. Select match(es) wyou want to assign a date
  2. Enter wanted date and save to selected match(es)
  3. Make schedule by click on this button. Matches which are published to APP will not be changed.

Name of playoff tree

As default, the name of the playoff tree is for example "C-play". This name will also show up in APP. To change this name, just edit the name in "Legaue settings", "tabel of groups. See image below.

  1. Default name is for example "C-play"
  2. Change the name in the table of groups.


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