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Match validation is done after each save of data in the schedule. No actions are needed to activate match validation.

  1. Validation is done after saving date and time
  2. Validation is done after saving teams or venue
  3. A symbol is shown for each match. See below for symbol explanation.

Criteria match validation

This is the possible symbolic for a match:


Green circle validate symbol if the match...

  1. Is on a legal venue, on legal time and do not have any collisions. The match fulfill all criterias.
  2. The match will be included in CUP scheduling

Green light validate v-symbol

    1. Same as match with a green circle BUT is NOT on the home team list of venues
    2. The match will be included in CUP scheduling

Red/green symbol

    1. This match is set to be overruled.
    2. It can have all kind of validation mismatches, but the user has decide it to become valid
    3. The match will be included in CUP scheduling

Red, unvalidated symbol

  1. Match has no end time or..
  2. .. has no venue or the venue is a temporary venue
  3. .. has one or two vacant teams

Warning yellow symbol 

  1. Match is at a position, or part of a position where another match is positioned (collision) or...
  2. .. is positioned at an unlegal venue time (venue is restricted)

Overrule match (to become valid and locked)

All matches can be overruled, o matter if the match is total unvalid. The match will turn into green and will NOT be changed if CUP is running. Both playing time and venue is locked. 

NOTE: A tooltip on the green symbol will give you information of the status of this match.

  1. Check on the match to make it overruled or check it off to become "ordinary"
  2. Be aware of this match can hold a collision, or is on a unavailible venue, so pay attention!

Actions if a match is not valid

If a match has a warning symbol, enter the visualizer and see if it is possible to move this match to another location. Or maybe move away the collision match from another league.

Match changed after published or not published

  1. When a match is published, and no changes have been done, the match date field is bold.
  2. If a match is changed after published, or not been published, the match start time is regular.


Include match in CUP (lock date/time)

A red match will NOT be included in CUP scheduling. This can be overruled if checked on "Include in CUP". If the match has no end time, PL will set end time of the match. out from start time and adding play length. If a match is set to be "Overruled", this function will be ignored.



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