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If some teams or clubs shall have a registering discount, a code can be given these team contact person(s). Entering that code, the team will get another registration fee. This code is set for a category by the tournament administrator.

Entering the discount code

Enter menu "Categories" and column "Discount code". You can have one code giving x in credit, and another code giving y in credit. Credit can be copied to other categories.

  1. Click in the column "Discount code"
  2. Click on the + button to enter a new discount code
  3. Enter name (this is showing in the registration form)
  4. Enter amount. This will be subtracted from the ordinary registration fee for the category
  5. Click Save

What happens when a team is registered and got a credit code?

When a team is registering, and discount code exists for the category, a text field will show up under the team name called "Voucher code". All teams which are registered at the same time, will get the same discount. If a wrong discount code is entered, the registration form will be locked.

How is the invoice look like?

The invoice is exactly the same as an ordinary reg invoice showing the correct amount for the team.

How to see all teams with discount code entered?

Enter menu "Economy" - "Team discount":

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