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  • Before tournament starts, it can be smart to publish all teams divided into one group (or if you decide several groups), so the team leaders can check their registrations. Sometimes a team leader register in wrong category.
  • NOTE: When groups are published like this, all data on the schedule web are deleted. That is, if you have a match schedule presented, it will be deleted. Of course, you can publish the schedule later!
  • Teams which is not in a group, will NOT be published! Teams must be assigned to a group.
  • Categories with no competitors will also be published. You must set a category to inactive if you do not want it to be published.

Window explanation

  1. Enter "Run publish" to publish the teams divided into groups
  2. Enter "Run delete" if you want to delete all data on the public match schedule site. This is often done if you have made some tests, published the test and then want to delete it.

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