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In order to make a schedule, some data must be set. In short:

  • Teams must be assigned to a league level and a group (if several groups)
  • All rounds must be made and each round must be set by a week number

Prepare schedule

  1. Either you can copy all rounds with its starting dates (must be equal number of teams)...
  2. ...or you can use a play key if exists
  3. ...or you must enter number of rounds, start date for the first round and default match length
  4. If you want to remove specific week, enter week numbers here (separated with "-").
    Example: 51-1-2 (do not include week 51, 1 and 2).
  5. Click to make the rounds
  6. Each round can be assign playing dates (both available and priority). Select rounds you want to assign to selected playing dates.
  7. Select days which shall be available for selected weeks.
  8. If some days shall be priority days, select those here. These days will be presented for clubs if they shall assign time and venues for matches. And these priority days will be used if using Profixio CUP scheduling system.
  9. Save available and priority days after selection.
  10. And at the end; Make this schedule
    NOTE: Check on "Play order: Mirror" if you want round number 2 shall be mirrored to round number 1 regarding when team play each other and home/away team.

After preparing

Enter menu "Schedule" and assign each round correct start date and/or time before publishing.

Changing of available days after matches are presented to be assigned

Available days and pri days can be changed whenever wanted. After changing, the league level must be published as usual.

Reset week order

Example: Change week 50 to 51 (that is no play in week 50)

  • Enter new week number and click "Save changes"
  • With the row still selected, click on button "Reset week order after selected week".

Some technical stuff

  • When a league level is made, data for priority days are fetched from a default priority days made for the season and thereby master for all organisations.
  • Priority days for an organisation can then be changed inside menu "Organisation setup"
  • When a new league level is made, priority days are copied from organisation and into the league level.
  • Then, it is possible to change priority days for each league level.

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