Pool (group) play - Without play keys


The registration site will not include pools to register on for the teams. It is the schedule responsible person which divide teams into pools inside PL.  This is the procedure for making pool play:

  • Make the number of pools you want
  • Select correct pool for each team
  • It is prefreable to check/assign venues for all teams in the level!
  • In the schedule window, run "Get matches from round robin". Matches in pools can now be saved into the scheduling grid.
  • Enter date and time (and venue) for each match
  • Publish the lschedule


  1. Activate correct league level.
  2. This is the list over the pools in the selected league level
  3. Pool name can be changed to whatever name. Enter the neam in this text box...
  4. ...and click "Save name". The pool name will also be changed in the public site (APP)
  5. Pools can be deleted.
    NOTE: All pools with level higher than the selected pool will also be deleted! If you activate "Group 2" in this example, and click  button "Delete", "Group 3" and "Group 4" will also be deleted. Teams in deleted pool will be moved to the first pool in the league level. No teams will be deleted! Teams must be assigned to their correct pool afterwards.
  6. Expand number of pools  as you wish. If you have 4 pools , and set "2" in the spin edit box, no pool swill be made. If you set 6 in the spin edit box, two new pools will be made.

Schedule matches for the pools - not using Profixio PRO algorithms

It is possible to make matches for all pools without using the Profixio PRO algorithms. Just enter the menu "Schedule" as shown below.

  1. Run "Get matches from round robin". 
  2. A new window will opens, and all matches will be filled in. As default, a round robin single league is shown. Click on the button "Make matches" to make these matches in PL.
  3. -
  4. These matches will show up in the match schedule grid and can be treated as a usual schedule.





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