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There are several possibilities to communicate with team leaders, or more precise team contact persons. NOTE: Sending SMS has a cost (in Norway 1 NOK pr sms).

Send email / SMS to contact persons from "Account summary"

  1. Set filter if wanted for category, club...whatever.
  2. Check on the "Select all" to include all the teams or just select some teams.
  3. Enter button "Send message or sms". A new popup will show up, where you can decide how to send.

Send message through the system

If the team dialog system is set to "On", messages can be sent directly through Profixio. See image below.

Now, you can send message to whomever contact person. This person will receive a "Pling" in Profixio app with this message. All messages are saved, which is nice for history. See menu "Registration" - "List messages".

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