• You can choose if you want team leaders to register players
  • Player lists are often used for awards ceremony
  • Only those who are set as team leaders can register players
  • You can have custom fields for players, such as allergy
  • If a player is too old, this can be set in player registration and it is possible to upload disp note

How to activate player registration

Player settings are set from menu "Settings" - "Player settings"

  1. Player registration is shown as default. You can hide this field if you do not need team leaders to register players.
  2. Choose if you want date of birth to be registered
  3. If you want to display a message at the top of the player form, enter this message here.
    See example here.
  4. Choose if you want allergy fields to be selected
  5. Often it is not necessary to get the phone number from players. Turn it on or off here.
  6. If you want the team leader to register players fast, turn this setting on.
    See example here.

The look of the player registration window

In the team form window, all data about the team is shown. Enter tab "Persons" to get player data.

  1. Enter role, typical "Player" or "Team leader"
  2. Enter players personalia
  3. If the player is too old, check on this box
  4. Enter data for allergy (if chosen to show)
  5. ..and if necessary enter allergy note.
  6. Custom set fields
  7. And remember to Save when finsished

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